• RF bandwidth: 16-28 GHz
  • Noise Temperature: 6.3 K typical
  • Noise Figure: 0.093 dB typical
  • Gain: 32 dB
  • DC-power: Vd=0.50 V, Id=8 mA
  • One gate and one drain supply only
  • RF-input connector: WR42, UBR 220
  • RF-output connector: 2.92 mm coaxial (K)
  • DC-connector: 9-pin female Nano-D


LNF-LNC16_28WB is an ultra-low noise cryogenic amplifier operating in the 16-28 GHz frequency range. The LNA is packaged in a coaxial/waveguide module using industry standard WR42, 2.92 mm and Nano-D connectors. The lightweight gold plated  aluminum module measures 24.79*34.43*23.20 mm excluding the connectors. MMIC technology ensures reliable and repeatable unit-to-unit result.


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